The Beautification Council was established as a 501(c)3 in 2014 with a clear mission and passion to restore the quality of life and disrupt the cycles of blight and homelessness throughout the State of California, in communities adversely affected by illegal dumping, graffiti vandalism, and other blight. Our innovative job readiness program hires only the unhoused and justice-impacted. Through our nine-step proprietary micro-cleaning process, we are radically impacting blight while at the same time empowering program participants to long-term employment, economic stability and housing. The Beautification Council bolsters public health and safety because all residents deserve a safe and clean environment to play, live and work.







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Cleaning California Together

Cleaning California Together (CCT) is an initiative of the Beautification Council. The initiative is to spark a movement to inspire all Californians in a fun impactful way to clean and beautify our state TOGETHER, from Crescent City, CA to Imperial Beach, CA.  Our goal is to restore pride and love for our communities and the State through education, collective litter abatement, proper trash disposal, removal of illegal dumping, and the beautification of our communities creating a cultural shift with keeping California clean.

Let’s clean, post, and inspire one another with Cleaning California Together. California is not only a place where we want to LIVE but a place we want others to VISIT! 

We are a 501(c)3 micro cleaning and sanitization maintenance company committed to disrupting blight and homelessness, through our innovative job readiness program only hiring the unhoused/justice-impacted and significantly addressing blight with our 9-step proprietary micro cleaning process.


The Beautification Council is a subject matter expert on illegal dumping, graffiti vandalism, and homeless encampments and their nexus to criminal activity.

 We disrupt the cycle of blight and homelessness through an innovative duplicable proven process collaborating with private-public partners and governmental agencies.

Instrumental in creating an Oakland policy of 50% local participation in city contracts creating job opportunities for underserved communities.